Australia - My Country

Australia – My Country: The Smoking Ceremony and its accursed effects

As an indigenous Aboriginal from the Kimberley in North-West Australia, it is my duty to alert the public of the dangerous consequences and the curses they will unknowingly put on themselves, their families and others when they are coerced into the promotion and rise of Aboriginal religion. Few people know what the smoking ceremony does. It puts a curse on people, and the results are devastating.

An Animist Tradition

There are two sides to Aboriginal culture: the domestic and the religious. Hunting, cooking, family relationships, etc are part of the domestic side. The religious side involves ceremonies, rituals, spirit and idol worship, witchcraft, astral travelling, ancestral blood covenants, ‘singing’ people with curses to hurt or kill them.

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GOD's FIRESTORM - Elcho Island


       GOD's FIRESTORM 1 - Elcho Island

God took the outcasts – rejected and despised Australian Aborigines – and transformed whole communities in a few days, first on an island in north Australia and later across Australia. This fire of revival transformed health, hygiene, attitude to work and education, and brought true reconciliation and love between families, clans and tribes that had been fighting for many generations.

God created the earth and people - with His character in them - then put groups of people in different lands with different languages and cultures (Gen 1 & 11). So GOD was already in Australia before the British arrived with the Gospel. But for thousands of years those cultures that He created have been corrupted.  The Gospel came to Arnhem Land in the early 1920s and the Methodist Church established Galiwin’ku community in 1942 on Elcho Island, about 500km east of Darwin, N.T.   

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• Following Jesus in Invaded Space

Following Jesus in Invaded Space

Book Review: 

Chris Budden:

Following Jesus in Invaded Space - Doing Theology on Aboriginal Land

2009 Princeton Theological Monograph Series

 Rev Dr Chris Budden is a UCA minister in Newcastle NSW, a former Synod general secretary, and various other positions.

Review [abridged version] by Rev Dr Ian Robinson, UWA Chaplain and co-convenor of the Bringing Them Home C'tee (WA), in collaboration with Rev Dr Anna Killigrew, Anglican clergy WA, chaplain to Koora Retreat.

 The full review is available at:         Ian's Blog
Also check out:                             Tall Trees 


I was excited, inspired, and challenged with every chapter. Months later, I still feel that this book is the most important theological text written in Australia…

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this nation will never be the same


During the last year, three major Aboriginal Bible translation projects

have been completed after more than thirty years' work:


• the Kriol whole Bible in northern NT and WA [May 2007];

• the Ngaanyatjarra Shorter Bible in Central Australia/WA [May 2008];

• the Djambarrpuyngu New Testament in Arnhem Land, NT [June 2008].


This prophetic word came through Anne Aysom at the time of the dedication of

the Djambarrpuyngu New Testament at Galiwin'ku, Elcho Island:

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Men apologise


·       Hundreds of Aboriginal men from across Australia have issued an historic apology totheir women for the "pain, hurt and suffering" indigenous men have caused them. In the icy desert of Central Australia, men of all age groups from Cape York, the Top End, Central Australia, NSW and WA recently met to discuss ways to be better fathers, husbands and sons. They also sought to repair the damage caused in the 12 months since their communities were denounced as hotbeds of violence and abuse.
Pray this will be a real change in the hearts and lives of all
 men in this land.

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